Friday, 28 October 2011

On the topic of comics...

Everybody who knows me, knows I'm a DC girl. An' I have been since I was about 5 years old. Me particular DC vice was of course Batman. An' it still is, you honestly don't know how much I adore Batman. I dunno what it is but I always found watching the likes of the fabulous Batman Animated Series more enjoyable than watching the Spiderman or X-Men shows. I did watch them on occasions when well, Batman wasn't on or there was nothing else really to watch.

But what makes me laugh is this DC/Marvel divide. Yeah I must admit I'm not the biggest Marvel fan, never have been really. I just never clicked with the main Marvel characters for some reason. I also did think that a chunk of characters from the Marvel universe were pretty pointless. The main one that instantly pops in to me head is Jubilee from X-Men. An' I'm pretty sure a lot of people will agree she was pretty pointless. Fireworks. Pffffttt.

So I think that's one of me main reasons why I never really got in to anything Marvel in a big way. The fact that I couldn't really understand the characters an' I didn't really like the stories either to be honest. But what cracks me up even more when it comes to the DC/Marvel divide is when fans from either side start bickering about things like continuity and how the characters are perceived. The latter obviously being something that is individual to the person. DC however though don't really

Many people would see Logan/Wolverine as a grumpy, gruff angry man all the time whilst others won't. Some people will see the likes of Superman an' Batman as one dimensional characters who just have a "human" alter-ego for the sake of having one. I personally don't think that Batman is all one sided. The beginnings of his story as everyone knows is what molded him in to the character he is now. An' throughout the whole Batman franchise he works bloody hard as Bruce Wayne, to keep his Batman alter-ego secret from everyone who mustn't know. (Even though a few select people, an' a few who shouldn't know do know his identity.)

The best thing about Batman though is the fact that he may actually be just as crazy as all the villains in his Rogue Gallery. This can be picked up on in the HUSH series, where you also catch a glimpse of the more violent, angrier side of Bruce Wayne/Batman that he tries so hard to suppress; or else he really would be no better than his enemies. HUSH is one of my favourite arcs in the Batman-verse, I suggest you read it if you haven't done already.

(Let me interject just for a moment. My cat Leon just left me a present. He jumped in to me lap, farted then jumped off. O_o Nice.)

Another thing I must mention, even though I haven't read many Marvel comics is that the DC "Multiverse" is incredibly varied. This is purposely there so writers can pick up from a certain part of a certain story an' give their own take on it an' see it through to their end as they see fit. That is absolutely fine by me, it gives more of an idea on how the writers see these character's they're working with thus adding to a different take on character an' story development. Which I do like. DC also carry on their original storys, but leave the multiverse stuff as is; only on some occasions parts of story's or characters are merged in to the offical canon; for example, Harley Quinn.

I never really got that with Marvel stuff; but like I said before I never read much Marvel so I could just be talking out of me arse right now but it's summat I figured from a bunch of Marvel fans on comic forums talking about DC an' the occasional lack of continuity. The only Marvel stuff I have in me collection are the Anita Blake graphic novels, but they were based off books. Published by Marvel though. Of course I bought 'em, me fave book series turned in to a comic book!

So that's the main part of me rant over. I'm a DC Girl. Always have been an' always will be. Yeah people might try arguing with me that anything Marvel is better an' the characters are so much more diverse than the DC characters. That's their opinion though. Yes DC characters may be quite gimmicky at times an' Marvel characters seem to have that breed of angst that can only usually be found in teenage boys. But that's how it goes. An' it still goes to this day that if there's a Marvel movie on, I'll only watch it if there really is nowt else ont telly.

This picture really does make me laugh. XD

But I think I'll leave this here for now, I could go on but I won't. I have plenty more Batman stuff to come out with int next week or so. So I won't drive you all mental with me Fangirling. :) 

Hopefully. Haha!

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