Friday, 14 October 2011

Meh. An' other stuff.

Past few days have been hectic. Been doing some PR/Marketing/Load of ol' bollocks int Big House where I work an' of course, I got roped in to helping as kitchen staff. On me feet most of the time an' am KNACKERED GUY! So now am just chilling out, not doing very much, drinking Strongbow. Good times. They've all gone now so business resumes as normal. Or as normal as it can get which is actually unheard of. 'Cause there's nowt fucking normal about working here.

Leon is getting cheeky now an' had found his climbing claws. He found 'em on me leg. He anchored on to me ankle yesterday as I was walking through me kitchen then decided "Oh shit she's moving am going UP!" Then proceeded to claw his way up, me screaming me head off in agony as I tried to unhook him off me jeans. He's clawed me right arm up good an' proper which was nice of him. I swear it's because he doesn't have his brothers an' sisters around to play an' tussle with so he's clawing me up instead an' chewing me fingers. He's also taken a rather strange liking to feet, an' all things feety.

Like butter wouldn't melt eh?

Other than that, nowt much else has happened really. Me BOOTIFULL car needs cleaning an' washing desperately. The joys of living int countryside, yer car get's covered in pollen an other tree slime, mud, shit an' christ knows what else. I normally wash it an' hoover the carpets an' that once a week. Am not having any car of mine ending up like a shit-bucket. Like Kenny's Golf, he paid 50 quid to have that thing internally valeted. I was gonna stick a dead fish int back...

So I might actually do that tomorrow an put clean smell in me car. Check the oil an' fill the water reservoirs, general car checking stuff. Me friend Ashleigh was supposed to be coming down from Edinburgh for the weekend but she had a job interview today an' she had to be available this weekend incase they said the job was hers an' she had to go in for an induction. So she's coming down next weekend instead, so we'll go out driving somewhere. I dunno maybe go to Carlisle or summat. Thinking about it I think am the only one out of me friends that's passed their driving test an' has a decent non-deathtrap car. Weird. O_o

Meh am warbling on now. Gonna try find summat for me to do over the weekend. Clean me car obviously. As for the rest. No bloody idea. ¬_¬

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