Friday, 28 October 2011

On the topic of comics...

Everybody who knows me, knows I'm a DC girl. An' I have been since I was about 5 years old. Me particular DC vice was of course Batman. An' it still is, you honestly don't know how much I adore Batman. I dunno what it is but I always found watching the likes of the fabulous Batman Animated Series more enjoyable than watching the Spiderman or X-Men shows. I did watch them on occasions when well, Batman wasn't on or there was nothing else really to watch.

But what makes me laugh is this DC/Marvel divide. Yeah I must admit I'm not the biggest Marvel fan, never have been really. I just never clicked with the main Marvel characters for some reason. I also did think that a chunk of characters from the Marvel universe were pretty pointless. The main one that instantly pops in to me head is Jubilee from X-Men. An' I'm pretty sure a lot of people will agree she was pretty pointless. Fireworks. Pffffttt.

So I think that's one of me main reasons why I never really got in to anything Marvel in a big way. The fact that I couldn't really understand the characters an' I didn't really like the stories either to be honest. But what cracks me up even more when it comes to the DC/Marvel divide is when fans from either side start bickering about things like continuity and how the characters are perceived. The latter obviously being something that is individual to the person. DC however though don't really

Many people would see Logan/Wolverine as a grumpy, gruff angry man all the time whilst others won't. Some people will see the likes of Superman an' Batman as one dimensional characters who just have a "human" alter-ego for the sake of having one. I personally don't think that Batman is all one sided. The beginnings of his story as everyone knows is what molded him in to the character he is now. An' throughout the whole Batman franchise he works bloody hard as Bruce Wayne, to keep his Batman alter-ego secret from everyone who mustn't know. (Even though a few select people, an' a few who shouldn't know do know his identity.)

The best thing about Batman though is the fact that he may actually be just as crazy as all the villains in his Rogue Gallery. This can be picked up on in the HUSH series, where you also catch a glimpse of the more violent, angrier side of Bruce Wayne/Batman that he tries so hard to suppress; or else he really would be no better than his enemies. HUSH is one of my favourite arcs in the Batman-verse, I suggest you read it if you haven't done already.

(Let me interject just for a moment. My cat Leon just left me a present. He jumped in to me lap, farted then jumped off. O_o Nice.)

Another thing I must mention, even though I haven't read many Marvel comics is that the DC "Multiverse" is incredibly varied. This is purposely there so writers can pick up from a certain part of a certain story an' give their own take on it an' see it through to their end as they see fit. That is absolutely fine by me, it gives more of an idea on how the writers see these character's they're working with thus adding to a different take on character an' story development. Which I do like. DC also carry on their original storys, but leave the multiverse stuff as is; only on some occasions parts of story's or characters are merged in to the offical canon; for example, Harley Quinn.

I never really got that with Marvel stuff; but like I said before I never read much Marvel so I could just be talking out of me arse right now but it's summat I figured from a bunch of Marvel fans on comic forums talking about DC an' the occasional lack of continuity. The only Marvel stuff I have in me collection are the Anita Blake graphic novels, but they were based off books. Published by Marvel though. Of course I bought 'em, me fave book series turned in to a comic book!

So that's the main part of me rant over. I'm a DC Girl. Always have been an' always will be. Yeah people might try arguing with me that anything Marvel is better an' the characters are so much more diverse than the DC characters. That's their opinion though. Yes DC characters may be quite gimmicky at times an' Marvel characters seem to have that breed of angst that can only usually be found in teenage boys. But that's how it goes. An' it still goes to this day that if there's a Marvel movie on, I'll only watch it if there really is nowt else ont telly.

This picture really does make me laugh. XD

But I think I'll leave this here for now, I could go on but I won't. I have plenty more Batman stuff to come out with int next week or so. So I won't drive you all mental with me Fangirling. :) 

Hopefully. Haha!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

This is kinda making me chuckle.

Yeah I've been checking me stats an' everything on here an' it really is giving me a bit of a giggle. I noticed a sudden flush of blog views an' of course being; you can track where the views were referred from an' what relevant searches were made an' so on.

RUGBY. Is mainly what is it. Not cake, or Leon the cute kitty, but rugby. Secondly it's Bane an' Batman. But the rugby one cracked me up.

So here goes, a request from moi if you don't mind. You are all more than welcome to comment or even follow me on here. I won't say that you won't regret it but it might be a laugh. I can be quite funny sometimes. ;p

Anyway. Me Riddler costume is nearly done, just a few bits to finish off. I'm also still playing me way through Arkham City so I'll get that review done as soon as I can. :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Just a quick one for now...

Indeedy. This week I shall be reviewing Arkham City AND keeping my followers AND whoever else reads this updated on the status of me Halloween costume.

'Cause I've been obsessed about the Batmanverse since I was a little girl. This year it's the Riddler.

I am mixing it up a bit though 'cause it is kinda hard to try finding stuff this close to Halloween. Like purple shoes that fit me for god sake. Or an actual NICE non shiny tie or even anything you can buy thats in FUCKING STOCK!! >_< Meh, more to come, like I said.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The problem with "Men" an' shopping...

Am knackered. Absolutely KNACKERED. Barely got 5 hours sleep last night. Don't ask me why but I was having a hard time getting to sleep an' staying asleep.

So anyway, a bit after I finished work me dad announces that he's off in to town to go get ciggies an' stuff. Of course me father get's "shopping" as in "absolutely nothing of nutritional value or use." Dad's "shopping" primarily consists of cake, crisps, pies, cake, an' more cake. He also normally comes back with some kind of medication to for whatever ailment his hypochondriac mind has decided he has this week. An tonight has been no different. He come back with above mentioned shite.

Now, before he went I asked him to get me some Coke or Pepsi. Just straight forward Full-Fat Coke or Pepsi. Either one am not bothered so long as it's Full Fat. (Interesting note here, in the UK, possibly the rest of Europe we don't have any cola "throwbacks" mainly because we don't really use HFCS in our full fat sodas int first place.)

Now here's my thing...Can you tell the difference between this:

And this...

And this?!

Well, according to me father there IS no difference!

Yes it might be me being harsh again but come on nobody's that stupid. He blames it on being "close-up blind" as he says or long-sighted to you an' me. Now I have been shopping with me father, he literally picks up the first thing he gets too then he's off 'cause he get's estate sick when he's away from work for more than 15 minutes on non-work related whatever. Either that or he really is dim OR he's bringing me this shit back on purpose 'cause he doesn't want asking again. I asked him for full fat Coke or Pepsi.He brought me back a 6 pack of Pepsi Max an' a 6 pack of Diet Pepsi'cause it was "on offer an he didn't know what to get so he got two different kinds."

Some people say "Awww Georgie don't be so rough on him he's trying!" I say "No." This is the man who has had women running about after him for most of his life. First his mother, now it's me an' me mam. He can't cook. Heck he can't even boil a pan of water without ballsing it up. He's been banned from attempting to cook a fry-up 'cause he coats the entire kitchen in grease, fills the kitchen with blue smoke then he doesn't move his plate in to the utility rooms where the dishwasher is. He leaves it ont table, with his chair a yard away from it waiting for either me or me mam to shift it.

This is also the man who doesn't speak to us for days if we genuinely forget to buy him a lottery ticket with our own money.

This is also the man who said that if he was meant to wash dishes, he'dve been born with a pair of tits.

SO! For the single ladies this is my advice to you. You want a fella who can at least do all if not most of these things.

1: Cook at least one or two meals. It's not always your duty to make sure he's fed all the time. As the saying goes "I'm not your mother." An' it's true you aren't!

2: Offer to go out to eat once in a while, regardless of if he's a shite cook or not.

3: Pick up basic groceries an' bits an' bobs at the supermarket in the brand you normally use/like without having his hand held.

4: Actually DO bits around the house. Not "I put them shelves up" which you remember were put up three years ago, not three days ago like HE remembers. I mean things like take out the bins, load/unload the dishwasher, whip round the living room with the hoover once a week, actually put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Etc...

5: Not expect you to do EVERYTHING. "A woman's work is never done" an' that can't be true enough. You yourself can't claim or expect you can do everything an' neither should he. Give an' take from both parties remember. :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cars, cars, cars, an' more Cars. An' some naff un's an' all.

So, t'other day I was watching this crackin' video here regarding Chav Cars by Jordan James. I do highly suggest you watch it 'cause I literally did piss mesel laughing at it. Why? 'Cause everything he says is TRUE!

Which brings me on to my topic of the day.


Seriously, I DETEST Chav cars. Main reasons being that there's always a total arsehole driving said chav car plus, they're always the most hideous, ugliest looking cars you will ever see. I know a lot of people who butcher their cars with added engine gubbins an' vulgar eye-offensive body kits an' these very people when they found that me own personal car sitting pretty in me driveway is an '04 Toyota Celica VVTL-i T-Sport asked me; "You gonna change it?" (Yes I know my car is actually listed as a chav car, but do I look like a chav? No. Far from it. I eat chavs for dinner. I would've said breakfast but I haven't had anything that even remotely resembles breakfast in well over a decade. XD )

NO I AM NOT FUCKING WELL CHANGING IT! It's fine as it is! No am NOT putting on some ridiculous supercharger on it NOR am I putting on a bigger spoiler or some 'orrible body kit 'cause there is NOWT wrong with it the way it is. It's a nice looking car on it's own I don't want or need to ruin it with some overpriced trinkets. The only thing I've changed in it is the stock stereo, to a JVC KW-XR811 double-din unit. I didn't change the speakers or add some stupid big-arsed subwoofer. Hell no. I'm not that obnoxious. The only other things I've put in are some Companion Cube fuzzy dive, rosemary beads an' a Buddy Christ. For a laugh. THAT'S IT. Nothing more. It's staying stock.

I don't feel the need to change anything about me car. I don't even have the want to either as I said before, there's nowt wrong wi' it. Not only that but but keeping this car costs enough an' I sure as hell don't wanna break me bank account adding unnecessary bells on it. No thank you.

But back to chav cars though. Jordan's list is quite comprehensive in terms of the cars they have an' what they strive for. Usually they do start out with summat like a Citroen Saxo or a Vauxhall Corsa. Tiny cars may I add. They're more suited for someone who doesn't have the money to keep a larger car or for someone who really doesn't need a larger car. In fact, a lot of women drive these smaller cars 'cause they are so small an' are easier to drive. Or you do get the odd sensible young guy who has one as a runaround. Fair enough.

The Citroen Saxo. Small, small engine, cheap to run, PRACTICAL.

But no, when you're a chav; you just can't settle for keeping one of these small cars as they are. Oh no. They get their hands on summat like that an' as sure as eggs is eggs or that every odd numbered Star Trek movie is shit; they have to start butchering. Their aim for said car is to make it sound like an' absolute monster an' to make it look well... To make it look NOTHING like the car that is actually underneath. Take a look for yourself.

I think there's a Corsa under there somewhere...

Another thing about this though is that none of these modifications are cheap. Basic body kits for the likes of Vauxhall Corsas cost a few hundred quid new. Then obviously the more intricate stuff costs a lot more. Then there's the big-shit stupid exhausts, they're far from cheap. Boxes an' fancy chrome tips setting you back a further few hundred quid. THEN there's the ridiculous paint jobs, the stupid sound systems, the 'orrible alloys, having the car lowered, having turbos put on which are fucking expensive too. So to turn a car which probably cost em 800 quid to buy in to summat they reckon looks "Well Class" costs thousands an' thounsands of pounds. I dunno why they do it. Plus you have to feed the thing, pay road tax, have it MOT'd an' insured too. But a lot of 'em save money so they say on insurance as they do summat incredibly illegal; an' don't declare any modifications to their car. Naughty naughty.

But of course because there are loads of these liccle shits about that do this, they're in the know. They know people who are mechanics or work in paint shops blah blah so they get a lot of this shit done either for free or on mates-rates. They also say that car modding is a hobby. Which in my opinion it isn't. Because really if they are TRUE chavs then they stereotypically have no job an' are on the dole. Which is a pittance. So, where are they getting the money from to go get a bunch of this stuff int first place eh? They're screaming poverty yet they're driving some car about that's got thousands of quids worth of mods on it.

It just doesn't add up. I went an' got a good car int first place. Not some cheap arse liccle thing then spent christ know how much on it trying to make it look an' drive like summat it's not. Why can't they do that? Can't they just save this money an' wait a liccle bit longer so they can go buy the chav car of all chav cars, the Subaru Impreza?

Like Jordan, I think this car is SHIT. Hate 'em with a passion. Wouldn't be caught dead in one.

An' I'll tell you now, I will NEVER buy a car off a chav boy-racer. Why? These things in my eyes are not safe an equate to a cut and shut car. No your car is not "mint" or "gangsta" it's a fucking deathtrap. An' I sure as hell would not be sat in aside a boy-racer. Compared with other young drivers with a car with specs equivalent to mine, I drive pretty damn conservatively. I love me car to death an' I don't wanna see it in bits nor do I meself want to be in bits.

Kenny, my sort of adoptive big brother I never had has an S reg TDI Golf. He's had it re-mapped, lowered an' has stuck these god awful carbon black looking 19" rims on it. When he gets in it now, it drags ont ground. It's hideous. He takes great pleasure in telling me that his diesel Golf get's more bph than mine, mainly due to it being re-mapped. I really don't care. But for some reason he REALLY wants to drive my car an' of course I won't let him. Nobody but me drives my car, me father barely drives it either but I won't let him drive it 'cause he'd put farm-stink in it. Kenny can't even fit in mine anyway. He tried that one afternoon an' locked himself in it trying to wind me up. Then he realised he couldn't actually get himself out the driving set. I dragged him out by the ears an' he had to fall out 4 inches off the ground where my car actually sits. So there you go. He can't put the seat back far enough either haha!!

Anyroad I think that's about it for now. Yes this has been a rant an' no I don't care if you don't agree wi' me on any of it. A lot of people will never have to deal with this on a daily basis. Hopefully I'll be back with a more positive and/or funny blog soon. :)

Friday, 14 October 2011

Meh. An' other stuff.

Past few days have been hectic. Been doing some PR/Marketing/Load of ol' bollocks int Big House where I work an' of course, I got roped in to helping as kitchen staff. On me feet most of the time an' am KNACKERED GUY! So now am just chilling out, not doing very much, drinking Strongbow. Good times. They've all gone now so business resumes as normal. Or as normal as it can get which is actually unheard of. 'Cause there's nowt fucking normal about working here.

Leon is getting cheeky now an' had found his climbing claws. He found 'em on me leg. He anchored on to me ankle yesterday as I was walking through me kitchen then decided "Oh shit she's moving am going UP!" Then proceeded to claw his way up, me screaming me head off in agony as I tried to unhook him off me jeans. He's clawed me right arm up good an' proper which was nice of him. I swear it's because he doesn't have his brothers an' sisters around to play an' tussle with so he's clawing me up instead an' chewing me fingers. He's also taken a rather strange liking to feet, an' all things feety.

Like butter wouldn't melt eh?

Other than that, nowt much else has happened really. Me BOOTIFULL car needs cleaning an' washing desperately. The joys of living int countryside, yer car get's covered in pollen an other tree slime, mud, shit an' christ knows what else. I normally wash it an' hoover the carpets an' that once a week. Am not having any car of mine ending up like a shit-bucket. Like Kenny's Golf, he paid 50 quid to have that thing internally valeted. I was gonna stick a dead fish int back...

So I might actually do that tomorrow an put clean smell in me car. Check the oil an' fill the water reservoirs, general car checking stuff. Me friend Ashleigh was supposed to be coming down from Edinburgh for the weekend but she had a job interview today an' she had to be available this weekend incase they said the job was hers an' she had to go in for an induction. So she's coming down next weekend instead, so we'll go out driving somewhere. I dunno maybe go to Carlisle or summat. Thinking about it I think am the only one out of me friends that's passed their driving test an' has a decent non-deathtrap car. Weird. O_o

Meh am warbling on now. Gonna try find summat for me to do over the weekend. Clean me car obviously. As for the rest. No bloody idea. ¬_¬

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Some geekery an' a bit of a rant.

I'll get the rant bit out of the way first...


So if any of you don't know by now that I'm rugby mad, well; there you go. I'm rugby mad. Now you know.

So since the Rugby World Cup is on at this moment in time it seems to have taken the scandal part of the media over from the regular which would be football. An' a lot of the scandal we're seeing seems to be stemming from a lot of New Zealand's papers. I've seen it mentioned by quite a few people round the net that NZ like nothing more than trying to take a chunk out of England's ears.

Delon Armitage is banned from this Satday's match against France for an' illegal dangerous high tackle against Scotland's Chris Paterson. "Prince" Mike Tindall under fire for "canoodling" with some blonde woman after marrying Zara Phillips, Manu Tuilagi has been fined just under 5 grand for wearing a branded gumshield an' now, Chris Ashton, Dylan Hartley an' James Haskell are under fire after allegations of verbally harassing a female hotel employee; who obviously went straight to the papers an' it all got blown out of proportion. They have been reprimanded for this an' I don't see why it should be milked by all the England haters. They're young blokes, RUGBY blokes for God's sake. An' yeah, it is rugby, it can be a bloody dangerous game. Does the board bring up Argentina for their dubiously dodgy tackles? No. Do people slam other countries 'cause of some daft thing going on? No.

Dylan Hartley. This one's called Blue Steel.

Yeah that may not be a good defence thing for professional rugby players playing for England out of the country, but still like I said; they're young. And not everyone takes a "lewd comment" jokingly. Some people do, some don't. That's just how it goes. These guys although they may be professional rugby players are still human too. They're in the limelight, but like everyone else who's in it too they will be scrutinised for every supposed misdemeanour that happens no matter how minor or serious. Even if it's true, false or just a downright pack of lies it all gets blown well out of proportion byt the media. An' it isn't fair.

Just read this...

Chris Ashton. He can't fly really.

Now, Haskell, Hartley an' Ashton are some of my fave players on the current England squad. Chris Ashton is awrite in my book 'cause he's one of my lot (he's from Wigan,) Dylan Hartley is adorable in a weird sort of "aw bless, want one for Christmas" sorta way an' James Haskell well, I'd be on him like a powerful moss. (All of 'em really.) They're me faves along with Simon Shaw who's just like a 6'8", 270lb cuddly teddy bear with cauliflower ears, an' obviously Jonny Wilkinson who is just odd in an intriguing hermit kinda way, then there's Manu Tuilagi who's steadily becoming another fave player. It has been said that maybe the young'uns should take a leaf out of the book of their seniors. I dunno. You know how many knocks on the head rugby players get? Fucking loads.

James "The Banter" Haskell. I'd be on that.

Anyway, rant aside. Now on to the geeky bit.

I have been reading Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake" series for a long time now. Possibly 6 years or so. Now when yer a fan of something like a book series or comics or whatever, you do get to thinking about who would play the characters if there ever was a movie or a telly show. I've been thinking about some of the characters an' here's one or two of my suggestions. Or the ones I could think of at least. XD

Hands down, this man here...

Jared "The Face" Leto. Obviously with no stubblies an' much much longer hair.

This fella.
Jared Padelecki. Again, with longer hair. XD

This was difficult...

Ryan Reynolds. I think he would be decent. Can't think of anyone else actually. XD

Oh I dunno...

Me? XD

(Half) joking aside, I am actually an actress. Granted I've never had any roles outside of college where I was studying drama, not to blow me own trumpet but I reckon am alright. The head of the course wanted me to go on an' do the HND course after the one I was doing but that went tits up. I started getting horribly ill before the end of the course, I was stressed from having no money, working an' living with an absolute wanker who stole from me. Then to top it all off, one of my godd friends died. It sent me over the edge so I had to quit the course an come back home. In bits an' in debt.

So now the big thing for me is trying to get back in to acting. Which round where I live 'cause it's near fucking impossible. Trying to get on some extras roster but I need to go get decent headshots done an' for them to even acknowledge me existance. All the local Am-Dram groups mainly do musicals or operas an' I am NOT a singer in the slightest or a performing monkey. So, me options are kinda limited. It's either swallow me pride an' go do that, go back to college which I probably couldn't afford or just wait it out an' hope an audition crops up or an agent takes me on with what little experience I have. Fan-fucking-tastic. :/

Anyway am done now I think. Just an excuse to post a bunch of fit blokes for your viewing pleasure. XD


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Back Again haha!

Well it has been a while eh? Honest to god I keep forgetting I have this thing. Positive no bugger actually makes a point of reading it either but that's me thinking that I could be totally wrong. Even when I look at me blog stats I still think that way.

IN RECENT NEWS! I got back from California seeing me bloke for a month. Had a great time like always. Thing is though I caught a cold on the way back over from a bunch of French people on the plane. positive it was the French 'cause they were all coughing an' spluttering waiting to get on board then they carried on all the way through the damn flight. Didn't sleep at all on the way back. Just couldn't. An' I looked like hell. Felt like it an' all. I caught the cold almost three weeks ago an' I still bloody have it. ¬_¬ Hoh hee hoh...

I also got a new kitten last week too! ^_^ His name is Leon (named after Leon from Resident Evil) an' he's a liccle ginger bastard. He's taken a liking to all things feet. An' slippers, socks, boots, shoes, you name it. He's a foot cat. XD

Watching the world go by on the way home!

He's also asleep most of the time too!

I've also taken to taking random pictures of mad things I find again. I was in the local Sainsbury's t'other day an' come across this cracker...


Now, I checked out their website before. Oh my god I haven't laughed so much in a long time. XD The "For Men" an' "For Women" sections are comedy gold in my eyes. Next time me father's ill I'm gonna chuck a boccle of this at him an' tell him to get on wi' it. This is why I love the UK, we have some pretty tongue-in-cheek weird things like this. :) Anyroad, go check out their site here at MANFLU