Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year?

Well, Happy New Year folks. I guess. O_o I dunno I don't really do New Year. Not by choice but it is slowly becoming that reason. Normally I'm too sick to go out; the last few years I've either had tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia or the flu or whatever. So for some reason I think I've just been ticked off most "Must invite to come out for New Years" lists. Kinda pisses me off, I mean I'd like to go out for New Years an all but when I get landed with the stigma of "Oh Georgie won't come out, she never comes out" then it really puts me off. So this year, I said fuck it and decided to make Cinder Toffee ice cream instead. XD

So yeah the first 5 minutes of the new year, I managed to ruin my ice cream mixture by whisking a whole pint of cream and a full tin of condensed milk to the point that it curdled an' I ended up with what could be called; a bowl of dessert cheese. But I had more cream an' more condensed milk so I managed to whisk it all up without mekin a total balls of it.

In other news; I GOT A FUCKING CELICA!!!!! XD

I finally got my dream car on Thursday. A Metallic Blue 2004 Toyota Celica T-Sport. Int he bootiful? :) It's perfect for me because;
1: It's fast.
2: It's fast.
3: It's a coupe with only 4 seats so that means most people, especially the extra tall ones won't want to sit in the back for any length of time thus instantly making me exempt from ferrying everyone and their dog about.
4: Those two back seats fold down flat so that means less space for extra passengers, but only space for the driver and front passenger and the boot for shopping and...
5: It's fast.

Oh. And I just HAD to put in a New Car Scent Magic Tree in it. XD

There is one problem with it though. We think the back right wheel bearings are gone as it's making this mental droning sound, almost like a washing machine drum that's gone a bit wrong. Either way it won't take me an me dad long to fix. We are gonna tek it to the bloke who we bought our Surf's off an' see if his mechanics say it's the wheel bearings. But he'd charge a shitload for fixing it so that means well, we'd rather do it ourselves if it saves us some money. I also need to get a new stereo but that's not a priority right now.

And now I've totally forgot what else I were gonna to say. Oh well, it probably wasn't important anyway. Haha!