Saturday, 8 October 2011

Some geekery an' a bit of a rant.

I'll get the rant bit out of the way first...


So if any of you don't know by now that I'm rugby mad, well; there you go. I'm rugby mad. Now you know.

So since the Rugby World Cup is on at this moment in time it seems to have taken the scandal part of the media over from the regular which would be football. An' a lot of the scandal we're seeing seems to be stemming from a lot of New Zealand's papers. I've seen it mentioned by quite a few people round the net that NZ like nothing more than trying to take a chunk out of England's ears.

Delon Armitage is banned from this Satday's match against France for an' illegal dangerous high tackle against Scotland's Chris Paterson. "Prince" Mike Tindall under fire for "canoodling" with some blonde woman after marrying Zara Phillips, Manu Tuilagi has been fined just under 5 grand for wearing a branded gumshield an' now, Chris Ashton, Dylan Hartley an' James Haskell are under fire after allegations of verbally harassing a female hotel employee; who obviously went straight to the papers an' it all got blown out of proportion. They have been reprimanded for this an' I don't see why it should be milked by all the England haters. They're young blokes, RUGBY blokes for God's sake. An' yeah, it is rugby, it can be a bloody dangerous game. Does the board bring up Argentina for their dubiously dodgy tackles? No. Do people slam other countries 'cause of some daft thing going on? No.

Dylan Hartley. This one's called Blue Steel.

Yeah that may not be a good defence thing for professional rugby players playing for England out of the country, but still like I said; they're young. And not everyone takes a "lewd comment" jokingly. Some people do, some don't. That's just how it goes. These guys although they may be professional rugby players are still human too. They're in the limelight, but like everyone else who's in it too they will be scrutinised for every supposed misdemeanour that happens no matter how minor or serious. Even if it's true, false or just a downright pack of lies it all gets blown well out of proportion byt the media. An' it isn't fair.

Just read this...

Chris Ashton. He can't fly really.

Now, Haskell, Hartley an' Ashton are some of my fave players on the current England squad. Chris Ashton is awrite in my book 'cause he's one of my lot (he's from Wigan,) Dylan Hartley is adorable in a weird sort of "aw bless, want one for Christmas" sorta way an' James Haskell well, I'd be on him like a powerful moss. (All of 'em really.) They're me faves along with Simon Shaw who's just like a 6'8", 270lb cuddly teddy bear with cauliflower ears, an' obviously Jonny Wilkinson who is just odd in an intriguing hermit kinda way, then there's Manu Tuilagi who's steadily becoming another fave player. It has been said that maybe the young'uns should take a leaf out of the book of their seniors. I dunno. You know how many knocks on the head rugby players get? Fucking loads.

James "The Banter" Haskell. I'd be on that.

Anyway, rant aside. Now on to the geeky bit.

I have been reading Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake" series for a long time now. Possibly 6 years or so. Now when yer a fan of something like a book series or comics or whatever, you do get to thinking about who would play the characters if there ever was a movie or a telly show. I've been thinking about some of the characters an' here's one or two of my suggestions. Or the ones I could think of at least. XD

Hands down, this man here...

Jared "The Face" Leto. Obviously with no stubblies an' much much longer hair.

This fella.
Jared Padelecki. Again, with longer hair. XD

This was difficult...

Ryan Reynolds. I think he would be decent. Can't think of anyone else actually. XD

Oh I dunno...

Me? XD

(Half) joking aside, I am actually an actress. Granted I've never had any roles outside of college where I was studying drama, not to blow me own trumpet but I reckon am alright. The head of the course wanted me to go on an' do the HND course after the one I was doing but that went tits up. I started getting horribly ill before the end of the course, I was stressed from having no money, working an' living with an absolute wanker who stole from me. Then to top it all off, one of my godd friends died. It sent me over the edge so I had to quit the course an come back home. In bits an' in debt.

So now the big thing for me is trying to get back in to acting. Which round where I live 'cause it's near fucking impossible. Trying to get on some extras roster but I need to go get decent headshots done an' for them to even acknowledge me existance. All the local Am-Dram groups mainly do musicals or operas an' I am NOT a singer in the slightest or a performing monkey. So, me options are kinda limited. It's either swallow me pride an' go do that, go back to college which I probably couldn't afford or just wait it out an' hope an audition crops up or an agent takes me on with what little experience I have. Fan-fucking-tastic. :/

Anyway am done now I think. Just an excuse to post a bunch of fit blokes for your viewing pleasure. XD



  1. Holy crap, that last picture woke me up. That is incredibly deceiving at first glance!

    I didn't know you were an actress! I hope you pursue that and don't give up on it. It's important to do what you love, especially if you're good at it. :)

  2. Thank you! :) Yeah I'm gonna see what me options are an' take the chance when it shows up. Best I can do for the time being, I've wanted to act since I was little an' I still do!

    Oh well, me boys are out of the Rugby World Cup now. :/ France beat them today.

    Mmm love a bit of Haskell. Haha XD