Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Back Again haha!

Well it has been a while eh? Honest to god I keep forgetting I have this thing. Positive no bugger actually makes a point of reading it either but that's me thinking that I could be totally wrong. Even when I look at me blog stats I still think that way.

IN RECENT NEWS! I got back from California seeing me bloke for a month. Had a great time like always. Thing is though I caught a cold on the way back over from a bunch of French people on the plane. positive it was the French 'cause they were all coughing an' spluttering waiting to get on board then they carried on all the way through the damn flight. Didn't sleep at all on the way back. Just couldn't. An' I looked like hell. Felt like it an' all. I caught the cold almost three weeks ago an' I still bloody have it. ¬_¬ Hoh hee hoh...

I also got a new kitten last week too! ^_^ His name is Leon (named after Leon from Resident Evil) an' he's a liccle ginger bastard. He's taken a liking to all things feet. An' slippers, socks, boots, shoes, you name it. He's a foot cat. XD

Watching the world go by on the way home!

He's also asleep most of the time too!

I've also taken to taking random pictures of mad things I find again. I was in the local Sainsbury's t'other day an' come across this cracker...


Now, I checked out their website before. Oh my god I haven't laughed so much in a long time. XD The "For Men" an' "For Women" sections are comedy gold in my eyes. Next time me father's ill I'm gonna chuck a boccle of this at him an' tell him to get on wi' it. This is why I love the UK, we have some pretty tongue-in-cheek weird things like this. :) Anyroad, go check out their site here at MANFLU


  1. I love your kitten. I wish I could get one, but I'll have to settle for a puppy since The Hubby is allergic to cats. Honestly, though, I'd prefer a cat since they seem to be better behaved when you leave them alone. Give him a snuggle for me. :)

  2. Haha! I will! :) He is very snuggly, I think he's gonna be a mammy's boy. Which makes a change 'cause me other cat Wes (who HATES Leon by the way) is an evil old lady. I always wanted a snuggly cat, Wes isn't. :/

    Shame about not being able to have a cat though, but puppies are nice! :)