Thursday, 27 October 2011

This is kinda making me chuckle.

Yeah I've been checking me stats an' everything on here an' it really is giving me a bit of a giggle. I noticed a sudden flush of blog views an' of course being; you can track where the views were referred from an' what relevant searches were made an' so on.

RUGBY. Is mainly what is it. Not cake, or Leon the cute kitty, but rugby. Secondly it's Bane an' Batman. But the rugby one cracked me up.

So here goes, a request from moi if you don't mind. You are all more than welcome to comment or even follow me on here. I won't say that you won't regret it but it might be a laugh. I can be quite funny sometimes. ;p

Anyway. Me Riddler costume is nearly done, just a few bits to finish off. I'm also still playing me way through Arkham City so I'll get that review done as soon as I can. :)

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