Monday, 28 November 2011

"Oh look it's Georgie in a dress!"

Seriously, that bothers me.

It plays on me mind a lot this. A lot of people know I'm not the most girliest of girls I don't dress ultra feminine 99.9% of the time. Mainly 'cause I don't feel the need to. Another thing is, I hate the attention I get when I DO wear a dress or a skirt or summat dead girly.

Sound stupid? It may to some. Yes I like attention sometimes; who doesn't? But so long as it's for summat good an' interesting, not just 'cause you've got yer pasty legs out for some fresh air.

I don't take compliments well at all. Never have done. I just say thanks an' kinda try get off the subject. But as soon as I stick a dress on or a skirt this barrage of "OH GEORGIE'S WEARING A DRESS OH MY GOD SHE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL! SHE'S OUT OF THEM JEANS SHE ALWAYS WEARS! OH MY FUCKING GAWWWDDDDDD SHE'S WEARING HEELS NOT THEM CONVERSE!!"



I WILL, about turn; an' go put them jeans back on along wi' me Converse.

"You should wear dresses more often."

That's another one I hate. Why? Are you saying the clothes I wear normally aren't good enough? I don't feel the need to wear dresses or girly things. For one it's just not practical for me. I'm a cleaner for christ sake I can't do the 50's housewife thing. In fact that just can't be done at all. I also don't feel the need to I dunno "promote" meself in that way either. Nice clothes are for special occasions or for places you wouldn't normally get in to in yer jeans. I'll keep it at that. I'll keeps me jeans an' t-shirts for sweating in an' getting covered in chemicals an' toilet water. Clothes are clothes, they stop you from getting arrested for Indecent Exposure.

Funny thing is, I've actually been looking in to becoming an Alternative Model. No, not the Suicide Girl type model there's absolutely no way I'm getting me jubblies or me bits out for that. No no no. Just Alternative Modelling. An' yeah, I know you're all thinking "She's just had this massive rant about wearing girly things an' she wants to model, ew what a hypocrite." No, modellingis different. That's you showcasing someone's talents as a photographer or someones work whether it be hair/make-up or clothing designs. Whatever.

But I can see it now. Not "Oh Georgie these photos are nice" but "OH MY GOD GEORGIE'S IN A DRESS AN' PLATFORMS LOOK AT HER HAIR IS ALL STYLED!!" I also wanna know why people seem to think I'm on the pull when I get "tarted" up? For real? Do these people I know honestly think I can't fucking well pull a bloke when I'm dressed as NORMAL?! UGH.

This is me in a dress by the way.

Big ook. Am in a dress. 'Cause y'know, girls wear dresses sometimes. Yes maybe I should make the effort a bit more. But whilst I'm working/living where I am, no. I don't go out, I have no friends me own age round 'ere, I do not WANT a bloke from the town I live near an' I sure as hell don't want the local women setting aboutme either. No. The time I will wear a dress an' heels every day is the time I live in Twickenham an' I start loitering around rugby stadiums.

Which is 50/50 right now, I kinda need to win the lottery.


  1. Urgh... I often get the same thing if I'm wearing anything remotely colourful...and I get asked if I'm a goth quite a lot as I have really white skin and almost black hair. Er no, this is my natural skin/hair people. Some people just can't think outside the little pigeon holes they have to put everything into! x

  2. I get that too, it's quite annoying. :/ I get the goth thing too 'cause I've been dying me hair black for over a decade now. I'm a natural dirty-blonde on me head but everything else is black. It looks stupid hence the dying. XD