Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Teh Georgie

Some interesting things you may know or may not know about me. Quite egotistical but I'm bored to me back teeth.

1: I was born in the same town as Mark Owen, Philip Schofield, Professor Brian Cox and the Tubular Bandage?

Oldham, Lancashire. Birthplace of us all. I even think I may be related to Professor Brian Cox in an' arse about face way as my grandfather an' his family were Cox's.

As for the Tubular Bandage well. Google Mumps Bridge Oldham.

2: I am absolutely terrified of water.

So terrified I will only shower an' when I have a bath I pretty much just sit in about 5 inches of water. I can't swim an' have no desire to learn how to I'm that scared.

3: I'm Rugby MAD.

Well that won't be a surprise to some of you but I really am. I love Rugby. A lot. I'd have it's babies if I could. I'm a England Elite fan as well as a Northampton Saints follower. Though I do admit I have a soft spot for the Quins too. :)

4: Porcelain Dolls scare me shitless.

They're creepy. I got a grey Clown porcelain doll for me birthday one year. I opened the box, looked inside then put the lid back on. I don't know where the thing is I haven't seen it since. *shudder*

5: I'm a filthy console gamer.

It's pretty much all I ever do besides work. I got all the consoles, 360, PS3, Wii. Though me priorities lie with the PS3 'cause the 360 controller after a lengthy amount of time using it gives me what I like to call "Wankers Cramp" or "Crab Hands" depending on the severity of me mangled hands. I could go count how many games I got but I got so many, that an' I can't be arsed right now. I am an AVID Metal Gear Solid fan.

6: I used to write reviews for the UK's only anime channel; Anime Central.

If you ever frequented the website an' read the reviews, chances are it was one of mine. I was also a moderator on the forum too. :) I got free dvd's. XD

7: I'm a "partially" trained actress.

I say "partially" 'cause I never finished me first year at college due to personal problems. The head lecturer told me when I left that he wanted to put me through to the HND course which would mean I would've got me first year of a 4 year uni degree out the way if I did it. Shame I didn't/couldn't, I really enjoyed it an' I still would love to act but at the time everything just mounted up on me an' I pretty much had a breakdown.

8:  I don't think Dolphins are all that.

It's on everyone's bucket list, to swim with Dolphins.

Well, I can't swim, I also don't really like dolphins that much either. So I wouldn't swim with a dolphin. I'd punch a dolphin.

9: I haven't eaten breakfast since I was 14.

I can't do it. I'm turning out like me mother she hasn't eaten breakfast since she was that age either an' she's now in her 60's. I can't stomach food before 3pm at least so I pretty much run on cigs an' coffee till then. Yeah you can tell me it's bad but I don't really care. It works for me.

10: I'm a fully licenced shotgun an' firearm owner.

An' I look like Myra Hindley in me licence pictures. Nice. O_o

Yes I do shoot when I get the chance. Clays mainly 'cause I won't shoot game I think it's pointless. I have the firearms (rifle) licence so I can legally operate the damn things for shooting vermin an' for dispatching any of our animals that are seriously injured and/or radge. We have Highland Cows that could go the way of the mental an' they can do some damage. If me father's not around to dispatch the 100's an' 100's of lbs worth of angry raw meat, then it's me that has to do it.

11: I can only drink UHT milk.

Raw milk, or standard pasteurized milk makes me heave. I've never been able to drink it at all. I actually grew up on raw goats milk as a child as we kept our own goats an' goats milk is a lot different to cows milk. I don't think I could drink it now as it's quite thick and heavy almost like cream in some instances. I can't drink sterilized milk either it's just far too sweet. I don't see why people have this yuck reaction to UHT milk. It's not much different to standard plastic carton milk, just had a slightly different taste an' when I say slightly I bloody mean it.

12: I only eat fish & chips when I go to Whitby.

I adore Whitby, it's one of me most fave places in England if not the world an' the fish & chips there are TO DIE FOR. We don't go to Whitby often but when we do, we gorge on fish & chips. I've lived in Scotland for the past 17 years near enough an' every chippy I've been in to has been shit in my opinion. You can't even get mushy peas or a carton of gravy for yer chips either up here.

13: Speaking of Whitby; I collect Whitby Jet.

Everytime I go I always come back with a new piece of silver Whitby Jet jewellery. I must be wearing at least 350-400 quids worth on a daily basis. I have 3 Jet rings an' a rather large Jet crucifix.

14: Yes crucifixes. I collect them too.

I'm also Church of England. :)

15: I have the Rogue Doolan/Cox hair gene.

The hair on me head is naturally blonde. Everything else is BLACK. I've been dying me hair black for over a decade now just so I don't look like a mental non-gaptoothed version of 80's Madonna who quite frankly scares me. Me grandmother had the same gene thing. She actually had white AND black eyelashes. Go figure.

16: I am a country girl.

I grew up on farms. Sheep, cows, chickens, pigs, goats. You name it. I'm not afraid of getting shit-order if it happens. I also love the smell of ripe silage. :)

17: I broke me nose a few years back.

I say I broke me nose a tiny Italian woman kindly did it for me on a big wooden door in the Opium rock bar in Edinburgh, on the night of the Italy Vs. Scotland match in that years 6 Nations. I was quite drunk at the time it happened so I didn't really notice till I started sobering up an' felt the blood crusting up on me face. Being that clever I washed the blood off as best I could then proceded to drink more. I ended up in A&E the day after then I got referred to an ENT specialist later that week. O_o It's still slightly squint.

18: I had one an' a half eyebrows for nearly 3 years.

I asked me mother to pluck me eyebrows for me when I was 13. She tried giving me eyebrows like hers which are about an' inch long an' as thin as anything. She got halfway through the first one then I wouldn't let her finish the other. It didn't grow back till I was near me 16th birthday.

19: I'm a bit funny with me name.

I don't like people who I've just met assuming they can me Gee, Georgie, George or the ones I hate with a passion; GG and Gina. Me name is Georgina.

20: It really doesn't have to be April Fools Day for me to pull out the big practical joke guns.

These stories are for a later date. ^__^


  1. What is UHT milk? Is that the equivalent of our skim milk?

    I'm glad I read this! I will, from here out, call you Georgina. :)

  2. UHT milk stands for "Ultra Heat Treated" or "Ultra High Temperature." It's the next one on if you will to pasteurization as it kills more bacteria and spores in the milk. It's then packed in tetra pak cartons and it will pretty much keep un-refrigerated for months.

    Haha! It's fine you can calle me Georgie. I don't mind that one so much I think it's more when I'm being introduced to someone with one of me shorter nicknames that bothers me the most. Besides I quite like me full name it'd be a shame not to actually known by it! XD