Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Glad this week is over. Between what happened on Wednesday, me car battery going dead, an' the fact that I've been an' absolute liability this week what with being accident prone an' all I'm bloody elated this week is over. So now I'm taking a positive mental attitude an' I'm just gonna get on wi' it. So, I've decided that I'm gonna look in to going back to college. To do what exactly I dunno. See what teks me fancy. I might actually go in for Beauty Therapy or even Hairdressing, I do like pissing about with make-up an' hair. I'd rather do something practical where I can still move about instead of being sat at a desk glaring at a computer like a total dick. I've never been able to handle desk jobs at all.

Anyway, like I mentioned before. The Chupathingy decided to die on me again today. Battery was as flat as a pancake. So I jump started it before with me dad of another spare car battery an' the ol' jump leads. Took it out for a quick spin too just to get a bit more power in it off the alternator. It should be fine now. I went an' bought some Autoglym car shampoo too as well as a cover for the bloody thing, just so I can try keep the leaves, shit an' slime of it. Ewww. O_o

Oh an' the snow an' frost I guess.

Yes. VVTL-I. Suck on that. XD I got 50 more bhp than the regular VVT-I. *handbag*

Leon's also become quite possibly the most quirkiest cat I've ever had. Here he is, sat watching the washing machine.

Round an' round an' round....

Bit of a thing that cheered me up a bit. Mother very kindly bought me this vile wintery sweater thing. I love it. XD

An' I also get me hair cut on Wednesday too! Happy days! I haven't had it cut in a year. XD

Me sister's also coming up on Satday which'll be nice. She said she's bringing Our Joe too, the nephew I haven't met yet. :) Be nice it will. Gonna make tea, then drink. 'Cause if there's one thing about the women in my family, it's that we like a drink. Or um, till we lose count.

I was gonna say summat else, but I forget. Musn't have been important then. Ah well. Arkham City AND Uncharted 3 reviews when I'm more of a better mood.

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