Monday, 21 November 2011

Georgie's Completely Ridiculous Christmas List

So today at work we spent most of the day getting all the Christmas gear out for the cottages. So that meant digging about for the bags an' boxes we keep everything in. We have three cottages all of which have trees put in. Then there's the big house which has a massive real tree put in it. It took us a while to sort through all the cottage decorations, which ones needed re-threading, which ones needed chucking out cause they were broken or whatever.

I ended up untangling a load of tree lights which does me head in but I'm good at it for some reason. We eventually got all the trees done so they're gonna go in to the cottages when we clean 'em. We do need some new decorations though, especially green baubles 'cause we don't have many. We used the ones we put on the big tree int big house on the cottage trees, so yeah. New decorations.

Wel also adorn ourselfs in Christmassy things every year to get int swing of things. Like this daft Santa hat. Which by the way kept falling off me head but stayed on every bugger elses. I have a mad shaped head that's far too big for normal ladies hat sizes. I have to go for Mens medium sizes usually. As for one size fits all, pftttt you can go whistle.

Anyyyhoooooo seeing as we're not far from Christmas now. I thought I'd do smmat a bit less whingy than what I posted t'other day. So here is me Completely Ridiculous Christmas List. Some may seem reasonable but they aren't really.

This Christmas I would rather like...

1: A Dyson Hoover.

Dyson DC32 Animal. WANT ONE.

We used to have a Dyson actually. One of the first model upright ones. I loved it. It actually WORKED. Now we have this vile Karcher drag-along hoover thing which is HUGE, weighs a bloody ton an' falls over at every opportunity. We have them at work too, well we first got 'em at work then me mother decided it'd be a good idea to get one for our house. I hate the bloody thing. I've been whinging about getting a Dyson for years now an' since the new drag-along ones came out I want one even more.


2: A Banjolele.

Yes, one of these.

For those of you who don't know what a Banjolele is; it's basically a Ukelele that's shaped like a mini Banjo. I have a slightly mad penchant for George Formby who of course, was one of the best Uke players in well, ever. I just have visions of me sat on me front doorstep with one of these in me hands when some unsuspecting delivery bloke turns up , an' I give him a round of Dueling Banjoes Ukelele's... Thing is I'm about as musical as a... hmm I'm just not very musically inclined at all. (Never took recorder in primary school!) Plus, these things are bloody expensive 400-600ish quid for a fairly decent one. Put a cheap one in me hands an it's guaranteed to fall apart in minutes. Christ I have a 350 quid Ibanez guitar in me attic an' a bunch of KORG equipment I never use. :/ Anyroad, here's George. :)

One of me fave Formby songs. :) Our Sergeant Major.

3: Danny Care.

The Yorkshire Terrier.

Just like that, under me tree wi' a bow on his head. No need to wrap him, I'll be right. XD


  1. Just those three things? Sounds manageable to me! Santa surely will admire such a short Christmas list and bring you what you want right away. :)

  2. Hahaha! I thought the hoover was a weird one! Who in the hell would want a hoover for an Xmas pressie?! XD It's like the men who buy their ladies a Deep Fat Fryer for Xmas. O_o