Thursday, 8 December 2011

Georgie's Top...

Driving Songs.

You find these ont t'internet every so often. Mine is probably a bit different, but there will be some obvious ones in there too. This is just summat to pass the time so don't take it too seriously. It's not like am Q magazine...

So, in no particular order, me personal Top 10 Driving Tunes as of well, this moment in time. Some you may know, some you may not. Some rock, some pop, some feel-good tunes. Either way, they're good for a sing along or for rockin' out to. :)

First off, a DEAD OBVIOUS ONE.

Golden Earring - Radar Love

White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65

Motley Crue - Shout At the Devil

Cypress Hill - When the Shit Goes Down

Billy Squier - The Stroke (My feckin' theme song practically by the way.)

The Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow

Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Apache Rose Peacock

Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch

An' because I can't get this song out of me head...

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger

Hope you all enjoy some of me faves. If you don't, oh well. Hahaha!


  1. I totally forgot about "Radar Love"! I love that song. :)

    And..."We don't have to take our clothes off"? One of the most awesome bad songs of all time.

    I like your list!

  2. Why thank you! ^_^

    Radar Love just reminds me so much of Wayne's World 2. Haha!