Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas, Bitching about stuff and Red Eye.

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone. It's nearly 10 to 5 on Christmas morning here in shitty Scotland an' I'm suffering from a slight bout of red eye which is nice. Not an infection or anything but from rubbing me left eye a lot. I think I got summat in there it's all bloodshot an' ew. O_o

So anyway, now it's Christmas that means it's near the end of the year. Which to be honest was good an' bad for me. Highs an' lows an' all that shite. I think me New Year's Resolution for 2012 is to be a bit more pro-active with meself an' set meself some goals or summat like that. For example...

1: Look in to going to college. Studying? I don't care what. I need to get out the house an' do summat. I may even go do acting again.

2: Find meself a NICE boyfriend. (Preferably a rugby player duh.) I'm not having any more subtly chauvinistic men. Y'know what I mean, the ones that just seem to talk over you when whatever you may be talking about to someone who's interested, isn't interesting to them an' they'd rather be the centre of attention an' hear their own voice. The last one was like that. An' I can't stand it. Yes I know God made women with smaller feet so they could get closer to the sink, but the upside of having said small womanish feet is the fact that they seem to be perfectly shaped an' sized to be thrust in, an' get right in to the groins of UTTER DICKS.

3: Start looking after meself a bit better. I really need to stop eating so much shite at stupid times. I also may start *gasp!* doing a bit of excersize. Oh don't get me wrong I'm against all kinds of excersize an' the only variety I get is getting up from the settee to go make a brew or go for a fag.  Speaking of fags I've actually cut down a lot since we started smoking outside again. Went from about a pack a day to having a pack last at least 3 days now. I doubt I'll ever quit outright 'cause to be honest I like smoking, plus it keeps me from loosing whatever sanity I have left which ain't much.

4: Stop letting arseholes in to me life. I don't need 'em. I don't want the grief an' I don't want anyone trying to mess up me plans no matter how grand, mediocre or stupid they are. I got me balls back again, an' by Christ anyone who gets in me way an' stops me from doing what I want won't even want to be within a 10 mile radius of me when I'm done wi' 'em. They will be demanding restraining orders.

So that's it really I guess. I think the main thing is that I need to get out more. College an' stuff would help that immensely. It'd also be nice to actually go to a proper rugby match with some people who enjoy it too instead of just watching it on tv.

Anyway me eye's not throbbing as much now. Think I might try sleeping again. ¬_¬

Either way, Merry Christmas again folks an' God Bless. Have a good 'un!!

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  1. Great resolutions! I, too, am against all sorts of exercise, but at some point I have to incorporate a few sit ups here and there, just so that I don't end up a big blob.

    Merry Christmas, enjoy your lazy day!