Thursday, 5 January 2012

Oh Danny... :(

Danny Care. (The short back an' sides never ceases to make me chuckle. :p heh heh )

The cheeky-chappie with the nicest arse (in my opinion at least) in any English rugby club, has been well an' truly bollocked for the second time in three weeks for drinking offences. England interim coach Stuart Lancaster reveals his iron fist over Danny Care’s antics

Oh Danny you big pillock. :( You're still on me list of "Men Who's Faces I would Lick Given Half a Chance."

Meanwhile props go to Joey Barton. Another on the face licking list. This man is entertaining and a Scouser. An' if he headbutted Bradley Johnson, then I'm the Queen of fucking Venus.

Joey also has the best Twitter rant,s next to Austin Healey. Who is also technically a Scouser.

I see a pattern developing...

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