Friday, 13 January 2012

Georgie's (sort of) 2011 Gaming Review

2011 wasn't a big gaming year for me. Well, it was kinda but with some highly anticipated heavy hitting games. I didn't buy many this year, I guess it started early on int year with me slight obsession with pre-ordering. The actual receiving of games began in April. So here's a quick review.

Portal 2

I loved the first Portal game, I really did. But I think you'd be hard pushed to find a gamer who didn't like it. The first Portal was nowt short of brilliant, but that was it's problem. It was too short. Granted it didn't outstay it's welcome but I think everyone wished there was just a little more game time. Portal 2 however was substantially longer in comparison but was easily demolished as it was so addictive in my eyes.

It carries on in the dark humour vein, has even more inventive game play an' is FUN. Yes it may be slightly frustrating at times but it is essentially a puzzle game with a slight action tinge. It's supposed to be frustrating at times, if it wasn't then where would the fun be?

I never had any major gripes with it, to be honest I can't really think of any.

On to September.

Dead Island

I was pretty excited about Dead Island after seeing all the garb that went with it, like that trailer that was all in reverse an' pretty much everyone was freaking out about it. I was in America at the time it was released in the UK an' I wouldn't be back for just over a week. So it was sat in it's little Amazon cardboard posting house in me room till I got back home.

Now let me get this out there now. I still haven't completed this game. Why? I forgot about it. To me it really is a forgettable game. Yes it had a lot of hype about it an' I was looking forward to playing it but summat did not just bode well with me. For some reason it just seemed a bit grind-tacular. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a bit of grinding but I don't think it particularly fitted all that well with Dead Island. It had fiddly bits such as repairing weapons an' creating weapons an' blah blah. Yeah I know it's for a bit of realism but it's kinda hard to get on with a game when you have to detour to do this, then realise you can't 'cause all you have in your inventory is SHITE.

Dead Island also has it's bugs. Realism doesn't exactly go that well with a game that looks plasticky an' is particularly obvious with it's rough edges. I was slightly disappointed with this game. And I love zombies, so really I should've been all over this like a rash. Meh.

On to October.

Batman: Arkham City

I am a HUUUUUGE BATMAN GEEK. HUGE! I adore anything Batman. I'm sure you may have realised that in some of me previous blogs. I loved Arkham Asylum, which really was a fun game. But Arkham City really did take it to another level. Everything in this game to me was bigger, badder (in a good way) an' better. The addition of having Catwoman as a playable character was pretty neat, even though it was a pretty short amount of time you did get to play her. Thought I do think it would've been nice to have other playable characters that had more to do with the main storyline. Robin made an appearance, it would've been cool to play as him in the main game. though you did get to play as Nightwing if you got the DLC for the Riddler's Challenges. But still, meh. That was about my only gripe.

Oh, an' there was the slight disappointment that Arleen Sorkin didn't reprise her role as Harley this time round, but instead Tara Strong filled her boots. Which just doesn't seem right to me, Tara Strong does little boy's voices; not the voice of a demented, criminally minded gymnast. Harley's Arkham City outfit is also my choice of Halloween Costume this year. :)

Now, November.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Love love LOVE the Uncharted games. I am actually in love with Nathan Drake. In fact, I had an affair with him on November 2nd when I received this game in the mail that morning then later that afternoon, my then boyfriend dumped me. So after the few hours I spent bawling an' screaming obscenities at the tit, I remembered he was preventing me from cracking on with playing U3. So in the end I didn't feel upset, but really fucking angry because the ex was keeping me from PLAYING MY FUCKING NEW GAME. So when the bawling an' the screaming subsided then turned to pure anger, I cracked on with U3 an' began to fill meself with post break-up Jaffa Cakes... a 36 box full of the bastards.

So of course it being Uncharted it was as always visually stunning, full of witty dialogue an' so on. It was missing summat though. But that could've just been me.

To be honest I had a hard time trying to get me head round the story. I know a lot of story now whether it be in games or movies or telly shows isn't exactly handed to you on a plate an' this is why I reckon it could've been me being slightly dim. Uncharted for me is pure entertainment in the sense that every single storyline has me absolutely ENGROSSED in it like it is me fave telly show I freak out about when I miss a few minutes. I think this was my problem. Yeah everything came together at the end but Uncharted is my soap opera where you have to play the game to advance to the next cutscene of deliciousness. I couldn't put it down.

Saints Row The Third

I can't stop playing this game. I really can't. I think I'm near the end of me third play through right now, then after that I'll probably start playing it again. This game has been quite possibly the most fun game I've played in a long time an' thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. It's over the top, totally ridiculous an' funny as hell. It's like GTA through an' through but just better to me. GTA has it's moments but Saints Row The Third just takes it even further, by sticking bright shiny purple oversized cocks on baseball bats on it.

I can't complain that much about it really. Some missions are annoying due to the difficulty curve being unpredictable an' more like a mountain at times than a curve. Oh an' it does crash sometimes, but thank Christ not like the Fallout games do. Eesh. O_o 

Oh, an' who doesn't love a game that has Hulk Hogan in as a voice actor AND the one an' only Burt Reynolds playing AS HIMSELF as the Mayor of Steelport.

Fucking Awesome. :)

Anyway, here's to 2012 an' all the damn pre-orders I made last year. Least a few of 'em actually have release dates now. XD

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