Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gareth Thomas to win Celebrity Big Brother 2012!

So for folks outside of the UK, you may not know but we have another Celebrity Big Brother on. Of course it's full of folk that are either scraping the barrel or no buggers ever heard of. Or folk you just wouldn't expect to go on it.

But there's a housemate in there this year that I would love to see win this, an' that's Gareth Thomas aka "Alfie."

He's a retired, internationally capped, Welsh dual code rugby player who during his career came out as being gay. Which is difficult for anyone to do but when it's in the world of rugby, which is very much a mans sport is even more difficult.

I found an interview he did on the Ellen Degeneres show early in 2011 and he talk about what he went through. Looking at the 6'3", just over 16 stone of rugby muscle you can see he is so much more happier now. A truly inspirational bloke for anyone, an' an absolute gentleman to boot.

When he get's going on Big Brother he is an absolute riot an' a joy to watch especially when they're doing tasks and challenges. Then there was that night they had a party and they all got dresses up, Alfie turns up looking like he walked straight out of a Van Halen video with his mad 80's wig, tiny bolero jacket and tight leggings that didn't quite fit the big fella. He makes for absolutely brilliant telly. Then there was the Fairy Tale task. Alfie as Prince Charming. But Welsh. XD (I have this thing for the Welsh accent. (Honest to god I could listen to Alfie or Scott Quinnell ALL DAY. NO JOKE.)


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