Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Zombie Gargle

2012 is OFFICIALLY the year of Resident Evil!!

Yay! ^_^

So we have three games coming out this year. (I think, I got quite lost in the world of RE this week so I could just be talking shite.)

So there's Resident Evil: Revelations out first on the 27th of this month in the UK, slightly later for our American cousins. Then We have Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City which is out on March 23rd. Then we have *dun dun dunnnnnnn* RESIDENT EVIL 6 out on November 20th. Which I am pretty fucking excited for after seeing the trailer last week.

Resident Evil... Siixxxxxxxxxxx blerrrgghhhhhh.

But the best thing about Resi 6 is the fact that Capcom, the sneaky liccle buggers have managed to get the whole thing quiet for several years. There was a mad viral (no pun intended) campaign a short while ago then finally we get a proper trailer AND a real release date. Usually with games you get the trailer an everywhere on the net that's written about it has "Release Date: TBA." But Capcom have done us good an' not pissed us about. :) They did release some sneaky teasers but kept it schtum so nobody really knew if it had a vague release date or if it was properly in production.

But from watching the trailer, it looks shit hot. But to be honest a kick in the teeth is a damn sight better than the thing we call Resi 5. Resi 4 was awesome. It too the series in a whole different direction in regards to gameplay but it just worked. When you do something so pivotal to a series like that you're supposed to build on it and make it work to it's full potential, not have it become summat "with knobs on." Which is what Resi 5 was. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. Just Resi 4 with a slightly meh storyline an' knock-off Swarovski crystals stuck to it, not whole carat diamonds.

And I guess I should mention the next Resident Evil live action movie is out in September this year blah blah an so on. At least we actually get LEON IN IT FINALLY! As well as Chris an' some other new dude an' some new bird.

Leon! Yay! ^_^ Annnnnn' the new bird...

I could also say that it being the year of RE, it is also turning out to be the year of Leon. Yay! ^_^ I named me cat after him hahahaha!

*not a fan of Leon at all* /sarcasm. XD

P.S. FUCK! I forgot about the second CGI movie Damnation. That's scheduled for some kind of release this year too. Christ me brain's mince now. O_o

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