Saturday, 10 March 2012

Help a Girl Gamer Out!

So if you don't know, Sony along with Naughty Dog; the geniuses behind the Uncharted series are holding online web auditions through Facebook. Get this, the overall winner will be flown to their studios in California where they will be made in to a character to appear in Uncharted 3's multiplayer mode! Cool ain't it?! :)

So of course me being an' absolute radge Uncharted fangirl, I jumped in an' got on with me "audition."

There are 3 "rounds." The first one, you have to creater your characters name. Secondly, you have to upload 10 seconds of footage showing how tough or agile you are. And finally, you have to provide a 10 second voice over to a clip from U3. I've done all that now, so all I'm asking for is your help.

Finalists are chosen using a combination of the judges votes AND by how many "likes" you get on your two videos. (Video votes will not be combined together, so you have to score high in each category.) So, straight to the point; If any of you have literally a spare 30 seconds, would you please like both of my videos. It would be greatly appreciated. :) Here are the links. My characters name is Morrigan Davies. :)

If you vote for me, thank you very much. :) You'd be making one incredibly fanatical girl gamer absolutely elated if by some miracle I get through. XD Oh, an in the round 2 video, you basically get to see me looking a right dick fighting some imaginary guy in me kitchen.

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