Thursday, 15 March 2012

Going back home, The Uncharted Audition, Thank-You's an' other stuff. :)

Eiiiii! Am going back down home for the weekend! ^_^

Well it's me an' me mam. An' Linda our co-worker who's taking us down, 'cause her daughter another Georgina like me! Still lives down there. :) So we're all gonna get together with me sister Jack too, have a girly weekend. We're even gonna pop in an' see me Auntie Sharon an' possibly me Gran too. I haven't seen either in a very long time. Last time I saw me gran I was about 7 so that's nearly 18 years ago. O_o I haven't seen me Auntie Sharon longer still. How bad is that? An' I mean, they're back in Oldham which is only 3 an' a bit hours away depending on how arsehole-ish you drive. Which in me father's case he can do it in about 2 an 3 quarter hours if the traffic's okay.

So yes, I'm going back to the home of the tubular bandage, the coldest football ground int UK an' the home of the first Chippy EVER. :)

Also, I'm still doing quite well in the Uncharted Audition too. Managing to keep in the top 5 most popular in both rounds. But as I'm typing this it's quickly edging toward midnight so that means it's the 15th in just short of 10 minutes which then means there's only 3 more days to go till the closing date! So here I go again with me shameless self-plugging.

I made a video at work today which is just choc full of me um-ing an' ah-ing trying to explain the competition, how it works an' what happens int th'end. I really dunno why I never thought of doing it earlier but I'd like to think I'm covering all bases here. So here it is. An' sorry I look like such a state an' all flustered but doing a whole estate worth of laundry is no easy task for one person alone. XD Burnt me hands a few times too. :( Anyroad...

So like I said int video, if you could all please vote for me I'd be the happiest geek around. I'm doing better in round 2 than I am in round 3 so I can do with more votes in that bit. Both the links are available in the "Show More" section underneath.

I have had a lot of votes so far since the competition started. I've actually been quite ferocious in me advertising of the videos. I've been pretty much spamming the hell out of them on Facebook an' Twitter. I've put the odd thing in some forums I frequent PLUS as a sort of "don't really want to do this 'cause it's a bit cheeky but I need help" thing I've actually posted the videos in a few Facebook groups I'm a member of but don't really know many of the other folk in it. But I tried to be as honest as possible an' I think people appreciate that more instead of you trying to bullshit 'em. An' now, I've done a youtube vid. So I've said it once, I've said it a million times before; every little really does help.

An' here's a BIG THANK YOU! to everyone who has taken the time to go ahead an vote for me an' even share me videos too! All my Facebook an' Twitter friends, everyone I've met from forums. You've all been so great. And a thank you goes to those who barely know me or don't even know me at all, wherever you may have found me videos whether it be a random find or through someone who has shared it; you're awesome. Plain an' simple. :)

Thanks a lot guys. <3 Love you all. :)

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