Sunday, 19 December 2010

We win at TV themes!

I was thinking earlier one, well... The thought popped in me head when I was watching the UK version of Total Wipeout and for some reason it were a celebrity episode where they kept using the BBC Cricket coverage theme music. Then the further thought occurred that during the time I've spent in the US so far, I never really heard any catchy theme tunes on telly shows. All of our really famous themes and ones that everybody seems to know come from the BBC and their coverage of sports. They use some fantastic hooks off songs for their themes and more often than not they get more recognition than the full songs themselves! Or sometimes they have a "purpose built" theme tune, it depends.

For example... And believe me they're bloody catchy and memorable! Hopefully you may recognise a few...

It's also shocking to me that the US get's fuck all coverage of motor sports like F1 or the BTCC thus you have to pay for it. We get that shit for free and have to pay to watch fucking NASCAR which nobody in their right mind would do. XD Therefore, UK is supreme win!


  1. Really? You guys have a theme song for snooker? Really?

    We definitely have theme songs here! It used to be more common-place in the 80s, but they are still around. However, the trend has started gravitating towards using segments of or entire pop songs rather than creating an entirely new theme.

    I have to say, most of the songs you posted sound really out-dated to me, like they were created in the late 70s-early 80s. Not that they aren't catchy, but asserting that you guys WIN at theme songs is a little bit of a stretch, dontcha think? I'm just sayin'!

  2. Yeah most of these themes are quite old and have been used as BBC's *insert sport here* coverage themes since time began really. I think they provide a bit of comfort tome especially the Snooker and F1 themes (last third of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain') because I used to watch them both when I was growing up. Plus our telly's always on, they're pretty recognisable themes so when I hear one it's a mad dash as "SHIT I FORGOT IT WAS ON!" haha!

    Granted that may be biased as I am as English as they come, but I can honestly say a lot of American tv show themes escape me. I think the Hawaii 5-0 and A-Team themes are the only ones that I can actually remember. Ask me how the themes to Starsky & Hutch, The Dukes of Hazard or even Magnum P.I. go and I will not have the slightest clue. Even though I still watch them to this very day on telly. Quite partial to a bit of Ironside and T.J. Hooker too. XD