Wednesday, 15 December 2010


So I guess this is the first proper attempt am doing at blogging. Hopefully am gonna stay at it and not get bored!

So I called this blog "Not Without My Squeegee" because am an Estate Assistant. I guess my main trade is cleaning. I have a certain way of cleaning mainly because I work at a 5-star self-catered property that requires a certain standard. But, the way I clean showers is what I'm very particular about. I absolutely HAVE to have a squeegee to use ont glass after I've washed it all down because I can't stand having to dry it all off then polish it after. So, I use a squeegee, it gives a better finish an' is quick to do. Perfect when you have little to no time at all to change a room round AND clean an en-suite bathroom too.

But I go a bit wrong int th'head if I don't have one at hand. I will flat our refuse to clean a shower if I don't have one. Some might call this being highly strung or diva-ish but I don't think it is. I think I can't clean a shower properly, be happy with it and have it at a brilliant standard fit for a 5-star property if I can't use what I always use and do what I do well.

And well... Sometimes I just can't be arsed. XD

So yeah, that's why!

Whatever, that asides I won't be talking about cleaning all the time obviously. That would just be boring. I lead a pretty bizarre life, there's always summat going on. I have a bizarre family to boot an' live in a bizarre area. Me mother's a pretty strange creature, me father is well, I don't really understand that man much and I also have a 9 year old bitch cat called Wes. She's a cow.

Well I guess I'd better go before I start rambling. Haha!

On a final note though... Summat funny. :)


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